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Signature Salads + Wraps

any item below can be made as a wrap or salad


Mount Fisher $17

Lettuce | Spinach| Apple Quinoa Salad | Roasted Chickpeas| Bell Peppers| Avocado | Walnuts| Feta| Balsamic Vinaigrette | (Salad GF, VG without feta)


Mount Tahan $13

Edamame Hummus | Asian Slaw| Lettuce | Bell Peppers| Cucumber| Peanuts| Cilantro | Sweet Chili Sauce (VG) or
Ginger Beef Mount Temple $17


Mount Hermon $17

Lemon Herb Roasted Tofu| Quinoa Tabbouleh | Lettuce| Spinach| Bell Peppers| Kalamata Olives | Feta| Maple Tahini Dressing |(Salad GF, VG without feta)


Mount Santiago $15

Hard Boiled Egg | Black Bean Hummus| Avocado | Black Bean Corn Salsa| Spinach| Tomato| Cheddar | Spicy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce (Salad | GF, V)


Mount Olympus $15

Classic Hummus| Spinach| Quinoa Tabbouleh | Bell Peppers| Kalamata Olives| Feta| Tzatziki | (Salad GF, V, VG without tzatziki or feta) *try it grilled! *


Mount Amiata $16

Roasted Chicken| Basil Walnut Pesto | Apple Quinoa Salad| Lettuce| Cucumber | Tomato| Feta | Balsamic Vinaigrette (Salad | GF)

Signature Grilled Wrapinis + Sammiches

any item below can be made as a wrapini (folded wrap) or a sammich served on ciabatta bun


Mount Samkos $10

Roasted Chicken| Bell Peppers | Edamame Hummus | Cilantro| Spicy Peanut Dressing


Mount Tacana $11

Roasted Chicken| Black Bean Hummus | Black Bean Corn Salsa| Cheddar Cheese


Mount Nero $12

Roasted Chicken| Basil Walnut Pesto | Spinach
Bell Peppers| Mozzarella| Banana Peppers | Balsamic Vinaigrette


Mount Baker $10

Roasted Tofu| Classic Hummus| Spinach| Tomato | Banana Peppers| Maple Tahini Dressing |(VG)


Mount Konbu $12 *new*

Steak Strips | Spicy Green Curry Sauce | Bell Peppers | Spinach | Green Onion | Cilantro


Mount Ten $9 *new*

Roasted Chicken | Bell Peppers | Spinach | Green Onion | Sweet Chili Sauce

Signature Rice Bowls

all our rice bowls are served on a bed of warm basmati rice


Mount K2 $19

Roasted Chicken| Lettuce| Asian Slaw | Roasted Edamame| Bell Peppers| Peanuts | Cilantro| Spicy Green Curry Sauce


Mount Guadalupe $17

Roasted Chickpeas| Black Bean Corn Salsa | Lettuce | Tomato | Avocado| Cheddar Cheese | Cilantro | Spicy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce | (V, GF)

MGGB Top down Round 2-1976

Mount Rundle $19

Ginger Beef| Lettuce| Asian Slaw| Cilantro | Bell Peppers| Cucumber| Peanuts


Mount Matterhorn $19

Lemon Herb Roasted Tofu| Basil Walnut Pesto | Walnuts | Quinoa Tabbouleh| Bell Peppers | Balsamic Vinaigrette | Feta | (GF,V)


Mount Parnassus $19

Roasted Chickpeas| Feta | Walnuts| Basil | Quinoa Tabbouleh| Bell Peppers| Tzatziki | (V, GF)


Mount Fuji $19 *new*

Teriyaki Beef or Chicken | Roasted Edamame | Asian Slaw | Lettuce | Bell Peppers | Cilantro | Peanuts | (GF)


Extra Cheese $2 | Hard Boiled Egg $2 | Lemon Herb Roasted Tofu $4 | Roasted Chicken $5 |
Ginger Beef or Steak Strips $6.50

Substitue Lemon Herb Roasted Tofu for Roasted Chicken at no additional charge
**Please inform us of any allergies when ordering**

Soups, Snacks, Sides


Soup of the Day

Large Soup $8 |Small Soup $6

Add a Cheese Bun $2.75

Small Soup/Cheese Bun Lunch Combo $9

Add small soup to any wrap, sammich or salad for $5

MGGB Top down Round 2-1867

4 oz House Dips $4

classic hummus (vg, gf) | edamame hummus (vg, gf) | black bean hummus (vg, gf) | tzatiki (gf)

served with house made crackers

MGGB Top down Round 2-1899

4 oz House Snacks $4

roasted chickpeas (vg, gf) | roasted edamame (vg, gf)



sunflower hill $10

strawberry | banana | apple juice | greek yogurt

IMG_0368 (1)

rails to trails $10

spinach| avocado| pineapple | mango | apple juice | mint | *dairy free* banana free*


magic line $11

peaches | mango | banana | ginger | apple juice | greek yogurt


mark creek trail $13

strawberry | blueberry | cranberry | banana | cranberry juice | apple juice | mint | basil *dairy free


bear hill $9 *seasonal while quantities last!*

pumpkin | apples | coconut | banana | orange juice| pumpkin pie spice *dairy free

Other Beverages

damn good coffee $3

tea $250 jasmine green | english breakfast | peppermint | earl grey

hot chocolate $2.50

soft drinks $2.50 pepsi | diet pepsi | orange crush | grape crush | root beer | brisk iced tea | ginger ale j

san pellegrino $3.50 bottle of water $1.50

Desserts & Treats


mini cinnamon bun $2.75

Baked fresh daily

Pair with a cup of Damn Good Coffee for $5.50


mini cheese bun $2.75

Baked fresh daily

Pair with a small soup for $8


3 bite desserts $2.75

selections change daily, ask your server