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How to Care for Handmade Glass Drinkware

Hand blown wine and cocktail glasses
Hand Blown Glasses by Alexandre Hupe; photo by Leia Guo

Hand blown glass drinkware can be a special addition to your home. Like fine china, there is something wonderful about having special glasses to celebrate special occasions, or to make any occasion feel special! From beautiful hand blown stemless glasses for cocktails, to amazing stemmed goblets for wines, you want to ensure that you are taking the best care of your hand blown drinkware so it lasts you for years to come!

With the intention of keeping beautiful hand blown glass looking beautiful long into the future, here are some tips to help care for your handmade drinkware:

DO ensure you always hand wash your hand blown glass drinkware! Your handmade cups, glasses, and goblets will be happier if you keep them out of the dishwasher. Soft glass is not designed to withstand the major temperature changes that a dishwasher provides, and can also jostle things around which might cause breakage. Stay safe, and always hand wash your hand blown glass drinkware. If it helps, just remember: hand blown = hand wash.

DON’T use boiling or very hot water to clean or fill your handmade drinkware! Again, this is not the kind of glass that loves big temperature changes, so to ensure your hand blown glass drinkware doesn’t crack you should only use lukewarm water for washing.

DO use a gentle detergent. There are places where your harsh detergents are warranted but your handmade glass drinkware is not one of those places!

DON’T be afraid to leave a glass to soak with a bit of water in it to remove pesky stains! Leaving it overnight with a bit of water in it is better than trying to blast it with very hot water or an abrasive surface - sometimes time is your friend!

DO let your hand blown glasses air dry. Smears and scratches can happen when you use a towel to dry. Your best bet is always to leave your glasses to air dry.

DON’T use your hand blown glasses on special occasions only! Are they great for special events? Absolutely! But you can - and should - enjoy them no matter the occasion! After all, a big part of owning beautiful hand blown glass is to remind yourself that life is full of moments to enjoy beautiful things in - not just on the “special” occasions.

Two glasses  and straws toasting
Cheers to handmade drinkware! Photo by Leia Guo

DO follow these tips if you want to keep your hand blown glass drinkware looking great for years to come and please DON’T forget to follow Mountain Grass Gallery on Instagram and Facebook , as we’ll not only being sharing more tips for owning beautiful glassware and keeping it looking beautiful… but we also share lots of pictures of beautiful glassware made by talented Canadian artists available in our gallery (online and instore).

Thinking of adding to your collection? Thinking of starting a collection? Know somebody that would appreciate an addition to their collection? Shop our hand blown glass drinkware collection or check out our full collection of artisan glassware — or come visit us in person across from City Hall in Kimberley, BC at 349 Spokane Street - you can grab a bite to eat at our delicious bistro!

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