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How to Care for Your Hand Blown Glass Décor Pieces

Whether it’s a perfectly placed glass bowl functioning as a spectacular centerpiece on your table, or a beautiful vase putting in work as something both stunning and functional (or a wall hanging that pulls the room together, or a platter that pushes your cocktail party to the next level, or…) — the one true constant is that hand blown glass pieces make gorgeous additions to anyone’s home décor!

But with great gorgeousness comes great responsibility, so here are some tried & tested tips to keep your beautiful glass décor looking beautiful long into the future:

  1. Dust your glass! It really does look best when it's clean, clear, and all the light can pass right through it. We recommend using a soft cloth and a glass cleaner to really make your pieces sparkle! We do not recommend using any abrasive cleaners, as these can cause scratches or breakage.

  2. If you need to give your glass a wash, use lukewarm water, a gentle detergent, and let the piece air dry. Never use very hot or boiling water on blown glass pieces! Once your piece has dried completely, you can give it a bit of a shine with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. And never put your glass pieces in the dishwasher!

  3. Be mindful of where you place your glass. For example: you should *NEVER* keep solid glass pieces in direct sunlight because… they can start a fire! Equally, you want to ensure you don’t put a tall vase in a high traffic area where it can be bumped. In general, when placing a beautiful hand blown glass piece in your home, you want to take a step back and ask yourself… “am I asking for an accident to happen by placing it here?

  4. Be careful when handling or moving your pieces! We always recommend you use two hands, and make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling.

  5. Have pets in your home? Small children? Clumsy partner? Make sure you display your blown glass décor where it will not be bumped or knocked over easily by an excited tail, toddler, or tumble! Putting your glass high up can help to solve this problem, as can keeping it in a display cabinet! If you absolutely have to have it where it's more accessible, we recommend you invest in a museum wax to help keep it from moving.

cat walking in blown glass gallery
Don't trust this guy! Keep your blown glass safe behind a cabinet if you have curious pets around!

But don’t let the ‘great responsibility’ that comes with ‘great gorgeousness’ intimidate you from using beautiful glass décor to bring new color & focus to a space in your home. In fact, the thoughtful caring that goes into owning a piece of art is actually a part of the appreciation process that comes with owning pieces of art (it’s like a built-in mindfulness practice).

And hand blown glass décor is art!

So come take a look at the gorgeous Home Décor pieces we have available online (or pop by our store in person if you happen to be in the Kimberley, BC neighborhood) and see if you can’t find some inspiration for bringing ‘great gorgeousness’ around your place (or maybe the home of someone you know who’d appreciate an uptick in gorgeousness around their place) — and then make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram… as we share pictures of gorgeous glass inspiration on there too!

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